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Georgia has a terrific climate for growing sweet corn, with warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight. Sweet corn is typically planted in the spring after the last frost date or in the summer for a fall harvest.

To ensure a successful crop, it’s important to choose the right variety of sweet corn for your growing conditions and to provide adequate water and nutrients. You may also need to take measures to protect your crop from pests and diseases.

If you’re new to growing sweet corn, you may want to consult with a local gardening expert or agricultural extension office to get more specific advice on planting and caring for your crop.

Sweet Corn Seeds

Some places where you can buy sweet corn seeds:

  1. Local gardening stores or nurseries: Many local gardening stores or nurseries carry a variety of sweet corn seeds that are suitable for your specific climate and growing conditions. They may also have knowledgeable staff who can provide advice on which varieties to choose and how to care for your crop.
  2. Online seed suppliers: There are many online seed suppliers that sell sweet corn seeds, including large companies like Burpee and Johnny’s Selected Seeds, as well as smaller, specialized seed companies. When buying seeds online, it’s important to choose a reputable supplier and to check reviews to ensure that the seeds you receive are high quality.
  3. Farmers’ cooperatives or agricultural suppliers: If you’re looking to buy a larger quantity of sweet corn seeds, you may want to check with your local farmers’ cooperative or agricultural supplier. They may be able to offer bulk pricing on seeds and can provide advice on planting and care.
  4. Seed swaps or exchanges: You may also be able to find sweet corn seeds through seed swaps or exchanges, where gardeners trade seeds with one another. These events can be a great way to try out new varieties and connect with other gardeners in your community.

Regardless of where you buy your sweet corn seeds, it’s important to choose a variety that is suited to your growing conditions and to follow proper planting and care instructions to ensure a successful crop.

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How deep is sweet corn planted

Sweet corn should be planted about 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) deep in the soil. Planting too shallowly can cause the seeds to dry out and fail to germinate, while planting too deeply can delay emergence and weaken the seedlings. It’s important to plant sweet corn in well-draining soil and to water regularly to ensure proper growth and development. Additionally, spacing between plants should be about 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) apart, and rows should be spaced about 30-36 inches (75-90 cm) apart, depending on the specific variety of sweet corn being planted.

Does sweet corn require a lot of fertilizer?

Sweet corn is a heavy feeder, meaning it requires a relatively large amount of nutrients to grow and produce a good yield. Therefore, some fertilization is typically required to provide the plant with the necessary nutrients.

The exact amount and type of fertilizer needed will depend on the specific soil conditions, the variety of sweet corn, and other environmental factors. A soil test can help determine the nutrient needs of the soil and guide fertilizer application.

In general, sweet corn benefits from a balanced fertilizer with a ratio of 10-10-10 or 16-16-8 applied at a rate of about 1-2 pounds (0.5-1 kg) per 100 square feet (9.3 square meters) of garden space. It’s important not to over-fertilize, as this can lead to excessive growth and decrease the quality of the harvest.

It’s also worth noting that incorporating organic matter, such as compost, into the soil can provide a slow-release source of nutrients that can help reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers.

What does the University of Georgia say about Sweet Corn?

A lot. Read this.






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